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Ernst Hafen

Ernst Hafen is a Professor of Systems Genetics at ETH Zurich and former President of ETH. In addition to 26 years of academic research, he has founded and advised several biotechnology companies. At Border Sessions he will speak about the Swiss Health Data Bank Project, which is undertaking the development and deployment of an open standard, citizen-owned global healthcare data platform.

Border Sessions 2013 - Thu, 14 Nov 2013

The Future of Personal Health Data

Currently, personal health data are stored in numerous different silos at doctor’s offices, hospitals and other healthcare providers. They are mostly inaccessible to patients and healthy citizens alike, even though they are the legal owners of these data. This contributes to the exploding healthcare costs. Trends in monitoring health data via smartphones and dropping genome costs has resulted in a rapid expansion of personal health data. When aggregated and anonymized, these data are highly valuable for biomedical research and better, personalized prevention and treatment. 

The Health Data Bank aims to empower the citizens by providing them personal accounts in which to safely store, manage and share all their personal health data. The Health Data Bank will be organized as a cooperative that is fully owned and directed by its members that contribute their data.