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Marian Peters (moderator)

Marian Peters is CEO at New Generation Nutrition and so-called spider-in-the web of the Dutch insect industry as co-founder of Venik (Dutch Insect farmers Association, 2008) and the International Insect Centre (Cooperative, 2013). Her work is dedicated to the promotion and introduction of insects for consumption and the development of innovative and tasty products with ‘insects inside’. Marian developed the Buqadilla, a snack product based on insects as ingredient. The Buqadilla is planned to launch on the market in January 2015.

Border Sessions 2014 - Wed, 12 Nov 2014

Three advocates of bug food give us a heads-up.
“My parents ate potatoes and I love raw fish”. Are insects the next sushi? Will our children invite us to a restaurant where we gaze slightly awkward at our menus while visualizing items like Crispy Jumper and Flying Bites? If you do the math; are insects the way forward: easy to breed, stuffed with proteins and stirring little ethical debate? So, what is stopping us?

We've invited two advocates of bug food to give us a heads-up on the flying food movement. Julene Aguirre, Director at Etno and the worldwide renowned Wageningen University professor Arnold van Huis sit down together to talk about the how and why insects will become an accustomed taste all over the world.

After the session insects will be served at the festival.