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Yori Kamphuis

Yori Kamphuis co-founded Coblue Cybersecurity; one of the fifty most innovative university startups worldwide in 2012 according to Kairos. SecondSight elected him as Futurist of the Year 2013. Kamphuis is Global Shaper and Curator at the Amsterdam hub. He completed his academic schooling in industrial engineering (UTwente), geopolitics, territory & security (King’s College), exponential technologies (Singularity University) and was chosen Associate of King’s College because of studies in theology. He has won contests such as the NATO Cyber Defence and StrICTly for Business competition.

Border Sessions 2014 - Thu, 13 Nov 2014

What will we find when we scratch the surface of technology buzz.
It’s not easy these days to be a Renaissance man or woman. Technology and society as a whole are changing at quite a speed. There’s a tremendous amount of research, new business development and social change to follow. We invited 4 forward thinking professionals to form a team on stage and deliberate on what they think is worth studying more closely, what trends really affect our day to day lives and what the future will bring. Is it a lightened pavement? Or 3D printed jewellery? Or can we find even more fascinating things when we scratch the technology buzz’s surface.