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Sjoerd Louwaars (moderator)

As Program Manager at the Centre for Innovation, Leiden University - Campus The Hague, Sjoerd Louwaars designs entrepreneurship education and creates peer-to-peer learning environments on the nexus of science and society. He is passionate about bringing people together. Connecting different areas of expertise in processes of productive interaction, with the ultimate goal to impact society.

Border Sessions 2014 - Thu, 13 Nov 2014

What will we find when we scratch the surface of technology buzz.
It’s not easy these days to be a Renaissance man or woman. Technology and society as a whole are changing at quite a speed. There’s a tremendous amount of research, new business development and social change to follow. We invited 4 forward thinking professionals to form a team on stage and deliberate on what they think is worth studying more closely, what trends really affect our day to day lives and what the future will bring. Is it a lightened pavement? Or 3D printed jewellery? Or can we find even more fascinating things when we scratch the technology buzz’s surface.