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Andreas Willemse

Andreas Willemse is experienced in marketing and mobile product development. He works as a product marketeer for Flo, an internal startup of Decos Technology Group. Andreas has deep knowledge of mobile strategy, marketing and development.

Border Sessions 2014 - Wed, 12 Nov 2014

Join us at the first Mobility meetup for mobility innovators in the Zuidvleugel.
Date: Wednesday 12 November
Time: 8.30-10.30
Place: La Gayola Spiegeltent, Lange Voorhout 74, The Hague (in front of Escher Museum)
Tickets: register for this meetup using the form below. A Border Sessions ticket is not required for this event.
Please note: this meeting will be held in Dutch.

Go About
Go About will explain why they are launching a new travel planner. And data specialist Mezuro will talk about how they use Big Mobile Data to make practical applications for cities. Go About is your personal trip planner for daily commutes and incidental trips. Starting in the Netherlands, Go About is offering the first trip planner that allows you to compare different travel alternatives such as your own car or bike, but also rental bikes, rental cars, public transport and taxis. No matter how you prefer to travel, you can find the best combinations at Go About.

Mezuro, founded in 2006, creates insights in mobility in the Netherlands, based on anonymous data from a Dutch mobile telecom network. Mezuro's mobility database provides you with information on the number of people in a certain area, for example a country, province, region, town, town centre and so on. Also, the statistic information on the origin and destinations of these people is available. With this information on the mobility of groups of people, Mezuro is able to give interesting insights, which can be useful for commercial venues alongside main roads, such as gas stations. In their presentation Mezuro will focus on their main expertise, the way they deal with the large amount of data being processed, after which they will show use cases regarding: towns or cities, provinces in terms of mobility and economy; retail; outdoor advertising; commercial real estate; public transport.

In their presentation, Flo will focus on the possibilities of improving driving behavior and reducing CO2 emissions using mobile apps. The first public version of the Flo Android app will be presented today and a roadmap towards global impact will be shown.

Helpdesk Behaviour for Smart Mobility

In his session Matthijs will shortly introduce the helpdesk for human factors and road user behaviour. This helpdesk is a joint initiative of DITCM and Connecting Mobility. Experts (professors and PhD’s) on human factors and human behaviour will answer all questions you might have concerning road users and their response to information and in-car advice.

Read more about collaboration alliance Zuidvleugel here.