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Freimut Schliess

Professor Freimut Schliess is a biochemist with longstanding contributions in the fields of experimental hepatology and diabetology. Major scientific achievements include the discovery of hepatic insulin resistance mechanisms and of key cerebral pathways in Hepatic Encephalopathy. Today he heads the Scientific Affairs department at Profil Institute of Metabolic Research GmbH in Neuss, Germany, which is a globally operating full service CRO uniquely positioned by its focus on performing clinical trials evaluating drugs and devices for people living with obesity, diabetes and cardiometabolic disorders ( At Düsseldorf Heinrich-Heine University Freimut Schliess teaches “Molecular Medicine” at the Integrated Research School of the Collaborative Research Center 974 “Communication and Systems Relevance of Liver Damage and Regeneration“. Freimut Schliess has awarded the Heinz Kalk prize for scientific achievements in hepatobiliary transport physiology and metabolism.

Border Sessions 2014 - Wed, 12 Nov 2014

Come and be inspired by innovation in Life Sciences, Health and Technology
Date: Wednesday 12 November
Time: 14.45 -16.30
Place: La Gayola Spiegeltent, Lange Voorhout 74, The Hague (in front of Escher Museum)
Tickets: register for this event using the form below. A Border Sessions ticket is not required for this event.

Medical Delta is organising a small and exclusive meetup. The meetup is especially for entrepreneurs, start-ups and Medical Delta relations. Festival attendees are however also very welcome to attend this special Life Sciences and Technology meetup.

Are you interested in the future of life sciences, health and technology? The meetup will bring together ambitious entrepreneurs, investors and leading scientists. You'll have the opportunity to listen to inspiring presentations and to extend your network and be amazed by the demonstrated prototypes. Jan Douwe Kroeske will be the inspiring moderator of this session. A limited amount of tickets is available, please register below.

This year Medical Delta will also launch the Proof it – award, the MedTech innovation award of Medical Delta meant for MedTech geniuses. Are you a MedTech genius and looking for money to build your first prototype? Join the contest and win! Visit the Proof it – award website here.

The future of Virtual Reality - Guntur Sandino, CEO and Founder of CleVR
What can you do in one heartbeat? - Tianshi Wang, PHD Candidate, Erasmus MC
The future of Organs on a chip - Henriëtte Lanz, senior-scientist, Mimetas
E-healing of diabetes: the artificial pancreas for at home - Prof. Dr. Freimut Schliess - PROFIL

The future of Virtual Reality - Guntur Sandino
Will virtual reality bring hammerhead sharks swimming through our office, elephants fitting in the palm of your hand and dragons flying among the birds? With Google investing $542 million cash in a company developing the possibilities of virtual reality….we sure want to know more! What will the future of virtual reality bring to us and what impact will it have on healthcare? Guntur Sandino, CEO and founder of CleVR will give us an insight in the future, but also current possibilities already developed by his company.
Read more about Guntur Sandino here.

What can you do in one heartbeat? - Tianshi Wang
Every photographer knows that a moving object will lead to a blurred picture, which may be artful but not exact. A cardiologist treating a patient wants to see exactly what is going on in the heart. Tianshi Wang talks about the very small microscope they built using watch parts that takes thousands of photos in the short time between two heartbeats, while the heart stands still. What can you do in one heartbeat?
Read more about Tianshi Wang here.

The Future of Organs on a Chip - Henriette Lanz
Have you ever experienced the heart beating on a chip? What is currently possible and what in the future? Henriette Lanz, senior scientist application development of Mimetas, will give us an insight in organs on a chip.

MIMETAS is a Leiden-based microfluidics company founded in 2013. MIMETAS develops Organ-on-a-Chip technology for testing of new medicines. Its unique microfluidic technology enables testing of new medicines in high-throughput on miniaturized organ models. These models have better predictability compared to laboratory animals and conventional cell culture models.

The basis under MIMETAS is comprised of a unique prototyping and production platform, a world-leading position in passive microfluidics and a unique value proposition based on Organ-on-a-Chip technology. Currently, MIMETAS offers 3D culture microfluidic plates, while validating a range of organ models to be launched soon. Ultimately, the MIMETAS platform will be made available for patients to select optimal, individualized therapies.
Read more about Henriette Lanz here.

E-healing of diabetes: the artificial pancreas for at home
- Freimut Schliess
The artificial pancreas for everyday is going to be designed as a medical device in a pocket book format, automatically closing the loop between blood glucose changes and insulin administration rates. Its development follows the lines of a patient-centered innovation process and has awarded a high priority in diabetes-related R&D.
Read more about Prof. Dr. Freimut Schliess here.