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Ad van Berlo

Graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven, Ad van Berlo founded design agency VanBerlo in 1982. He co-founded IQ+ Innovation Capitalist, is chairman of Capital D/Dutch Design Week, co-founder and board member of Brainport Industries and board member of CLICKNL/Design. In 2012 Ad received the BOV-Trophy and was appointed part-time professor at Eindhoven University of Technology.

Border Sessions 2014 - Wed, 12 Nov 2014

Peoples’ daily lives changed because of new developments.
During public debates, there is a tendency to talk about ‘Smart Cities’ with sociologists, policy makers or city planners. But disruptive innovations that have triggered societal change have come from industrial designers. Creators who have designed the smartphones, apps and new interactive technologies that have changed our lives this last decade. What’s their take on the smart city of the future? Two leaders in industry and research, Ad van Berlo (VanBerlo) and Marleen Stikker (De Waag Society), will discuss how they see peoples’ daily lives changed because of new developments; and in which direction they think we are headed.