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Pantea Razzaghi

Pantea Razzaghi is co-founder and Chief Cultural Officer of Synbiota - an open science platform that enhances and improves the accessibility of the life sciences. With over 10 years of print, broadcast, interactive design and production experience, Pantea works at the intersection of art, tech, science and design.

As Chief Culture/Design Officer of Synbiota Inc., Pantea is responsible for the culture, communication and overall design of Synbiota’s open science platform. With a strong focus on simplifying complex scientific workflows and interactions, Pantea keeps a close eye on various pockets of cultural growth in the open science sphere. She applies her findings to create useful, intuitive and enjoyable user experiences that optimize scientific discovery for the masses.

Border Sessions 2014 - Wed, 12 Nov 2014

Synthetic biology represents a new phase in the development of biotechnology, in which scientists are gaining increasingly more control over the fundamental building blocks of life. By developing standardized interchangeable biological parts, biology is slowly becoming easier to engineer, thus opening up the door for non-experts to engage with the field as well. At the same time we are witnessing the emergence of numerous online platforms, where knowledge is shared by people all over the globe. In this session, three speakers will discuss the potential of online platforms, as well as the do-it-yourself community for the field of synthetic biology.