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George Gachara

George Gachara is a cultural activist, a designer of learning programs in the field of social innovation, a cyclist and the co-director at The NEST - a Kenyan multidisciplinary art space that serves as a functional playground for artists, thinkers and curious minds.

George enjoys exploring the intersection of identity, history and power in order to find the human spaces in which to build resilient communities with sustainable ideas of living and being. George is the author of The Reverse Is True, a semi-autobiographical book about his journey to find his place in society.

Border Sessions 2014 - Thu, 13 Nov 2014

How hybrid change makers combine the old with the new.
In today's networked world, power dynamics are shifting. In activism, this had led to new hybrid forms of working. While activists still demand governments to grant people their rights, they mobilize people through online campaigns and inform people about their rights through music, documentaries and other art forms. It is hard to label these change makers, because they can speak to many different types of people. In this panel, George Gachara of the Nest in Nairobi and Felipe Altenfelder of Fora do Eixo will talk about the ways they are doing this and explore what this may mean for activism in the future.