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Jeroen Barendse

Jeroen Barendse founded the multidisciplinary graphic design practice LUST in 1996 with Thomas Castro and Dimitri Nieuwenhuizen. LUST is deeply interested in exploring new pathways for design at the cutting edge where new media and information technologies, architecture and urban systems, and graphic design overlap. This fascination led to the establishment of the research-based media & technology studio LUSTlab in 2010.

Border Sessions 2014 - Thu, 13 Nov 2014

Methods and tools to analyse and visualise cyber security risks in dynamic organisations.
The TREsPASS project develops methods and tools to analyse and visualise cyber security risks in dynamic organisations, as well as possible countermeasures. Building "attack navigators" to identify which attack opportunities are possible and most pressing, and which countermeasures are most effective. To this end, the project combines knowledge from technical sciences (how vulnerable protocols and software are), social sciences (how likely people are to succumb to social engineering), and state-of-the-art industry processes and tools. In the panel at Border Sessions, Michael Osborne, Lizzie Coles-Kemp and Jeroen Barendse will outline the key project innovations and demonstrate visualisation results.