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Marc Elsberg

Marc Elsberg was born in Vienna, Austria, in 1967. His gripping and meticulously researched novels Blackout (first published in Germany 2012) and Zero (2014) hit bestsellerlists, have been translated into many languages and established Elsberg as a sought-after dialog partner for industry and politics. Marc Elsberg lives and works in Vienna.

Border Sessions 2014 - Thu, 13 Nov 2014

Following up the huge international success of Blackout – Tomorrow it will be too late, Zero is the second brilliantly researched thriller by Marc Elsberg about the highly relevant topic of data mining.

The death of a young boy leads journalist Cynthia Bonsant to the internet platform Freemee. The platform enables its users to gather and analyse data, promising them a better and more successful life and insights into their future. Only one person is suspicious about this website and the power that it grants to only a handful of people – ZERO, the world’s most wanted online activist. Cynthia gets involved more and more in the dark mechanisms of online surveillance and manipulation, and when her research brings her to New York she herself becomes one of the haunted – and it is not only Freemee actors who want to put her to silence. In a world full of cameras, data glasses and smart phones, there is no escape.