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Mark Durno

Mark Durno is Director of Operations at UrbanFarmers AG, a Swiss start-up who creates food production systems for the city. Raised on a 260ha commercial farm in NE Scotland with arable and beef production, Durno is also a Scottish lawyer specializing in family and criminal law. He substituted a career in international law to become one of Europe’s first urban farmers, joining UrbanFarmers at its fruition in 2011.

Border Sessions 2014 - Thu, 13 Nov 2014

What is urban farming and why is it the right time to grow in the city?
Urban farming is happening all over the world. Mark Durno will present the concept of urban farming and investigate how this global mega-trend can be applied in a commercial sense, and how a revolution in ‘fresh’, transparent food production is about to boom. Drawing from his experience with UrbanFarmers AG (Swiss top 100 start-ups 2012&13) and their international flagship project in The Hague called ‘UF de Schilde’, Durno will seek to provide an explanation as to why we need urban farming, why urban food production makes sense and how it can be applied.