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Bob Newman

Bob Newman is Professor of Computer Science in the School of Mathematics and Computer Science in the University of Wolverhampton. He researches pervasive computing. He was the proposer and the principal investigator for the project ‘RFID from Farm to Fork’ which provided technology allowing the consumer to trace the origin of foodstuffs.

Border Sessions 2014 - Wed, 12 Nov 2014

How reputable food producers can show consumers the quality of what they are selling.
One of today’s major issues in the food industry is ‘food fraud’ - adulteration, false labelling or forgery. Food safety systems operate after the event, a fraud is discovered, traced and hopefully the product recalled before damage is done. An alternative would be to provide a way that the source of food and its ingredients and the production processes involved are known to the consumer via a reliable source. The technology to provide this was produced by the RFID-F2F project. Bob Newman will talk about how the project allows reputable food producers to show consumers the quality of what they are selling, thereby gaining an advantage over low quality producers and fraudsters.