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Manuel Lima

A Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, nominated by Creativity magazine as "one of the 50 most creative and influential minds of 2009", Manuel Lima is the Design Lead of, the founder of, and a teacher of data visualization at Parsons School of Design. His most recent book The Book of Trees examines the more than eight hundred year history of the tree diagram, from its roots in the illuminated manuscripts of medieval monasteries to its current resurgence as an elegant means of visualization.

Border Sessions 2014 - Thu, 13 Nov 2014

Why are we so obsessed with visual data?
In this interview, Manuel Lima will talk about his new book The Book of Trees: Visualizing Branches of Knowledge, exposing our long-time obsession with deciphering a wider, holistic view of intriguing topics through the use of recurrent visualization metaphors—from understanding the brain to ordering nature to mapping the Internet. It particularly explores a critical paradigm shift in our understanding and depiction of knowledge as we stop relying on hierarchical tree structures and turn instead to networks in order to map the inherent complexities of our modern world.