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Dirk Poot

© photo Ernie Buts
Since 2012, Dirk Poot is one of the spokespersons of the Dutch Pirate Party. In 2010 the Dutch Pirate Party actively partook in the Dutch parliamentary elections for the first time. Dirk Poot was a candidate MP at the 2010 elections. The Pirate Party supports a free internet as a condition for an open and democratic society, as a source of inspiration and knowledge, and above all as a source of critical information.

Border Sessions 2013 - Thu, 14 Nov 2013

Nulpunt: Uncovering Dutch Government Documents 

In recent years, movements like Occupy, WikiLeaks, and Anonymous have been working tirelessly to hold politicians accountable for their actions. But what about the average politically engaged citizen interested in keeping tabs on a specific agency or taxpayer-funded initiative? They’re forced to endure a lengthy application process for requesting information, which can take more than a year. And that’s if they even know where to begin looking.