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Rathenau Institute presents: Nuclear Storage Session: participate!

This session is not about nuclear energy nor about nuclear weapons, but it still relates to nuclear security. This session is about a major challenge, which we have to solve together: the long-term storage of radioactive material.
Radioactive material usually is a by-product of nuclear power generations, but also of hospitals, industry and research laboratories. Because of the hazardous effects of radioactivity on humans and environment, we have to take care of a concise and secure long-term storage.
The Rathenau Institute invites you to talk, think and question the challenge of long-term storage of radioactive material. Because of its high complexity and its intergenerational effects, this is a challenge that needs to be shared with society and thought of together. Public participation is a way to realise this.
How do you want to be involved in this discussion? Do you already see some preliminary solutions to it? How can we ensure that your children and grandchildren will accept our ideas on long-term storage? This session could mark the early beginning of a long-term public participation, in which we together meet this challenge.

Frans Brom
Ethicist and philosopher Prof.dr. Frans W.A. Brom (1963) is head of the Rathenau Institute’s Technology Assessment division, since May 2007. He also is professor at the department of Philosophy/Ethics Institute of Utrecht University. Frans Brom’s research is about societal significance of scientific and technological advances, with a particular focus on the interaction between technology assessment, ethics and political philosophy.

Annick de Vries
Annick de Vries (1979) is senior researcher and project leader at the Rathenau Institute, since 2013. She has a background in economics and public administration. After finishing her PhD, she worked for several years as a Dutch consultancy firm that primarily works for the government. Just as her PhD thesis, her projects focused mainly on dealing with risks and uncertainty. Now, she is involved with projects on evidence based policy and energy technologies.

Nuclear Security Sessions 2014 - Sun, 23 Mar 2014