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Andy Haxby

Andy Haxby, British entrepreneur, Director of Competa IT and keen proponent of Open Source, has recently focused his attention on finding innovative ways to help technologists in developing countries.
Andy is known for his informal, hands-on, sometimes irreverent style, and his ability to find pragmatic solutions to difficult or complex business problems.

Border Sessions 2013 - Thu, 14 Nov 2013

Fair Trade Software: building knowledge economies by co-development 

How can fledgling software companies in the developing world access markets otherwise denied to them? A significant step forward might be to apply Fair Trade Principles to software development for the first time ever. 

This is a new business model for the IT sector that enables developing countries to grow their own knowledge economies, reduce dependence on other countries for IT skills, improve the balance of payments, and make it possible for IT professionals to find work locally instead of having to emigrate. At the same time, businesses in the EU have the unique possibility to develop innovative IT solutions that incorporate ethical, sustainable and fair practices, demonstrating CSR commitment to their own customers.