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Jan Staman

Jan Staman is the director of the Rathenau Institute, and independent think tank that promotes the formation of political and public opinion on science and technology.

Border Sessions Beta - Fri, 16 Nov 2012

The Citizen in His Technotope 
Interviewer: Chris van der Meulen 

Jan Staman is critical about the part technology plays in our contemporary society, which is steeped in modern conveniences and sophisticated tools. He lets his audience think about even the most wide-spread and generally accepted technological systems like energy management, agriculture and food supply, mobility and health care. There are all kinds of new and hopeful promises; while at the same time we are unsure of they will lead to something. For example the financing of health care, or the possibilities of renewable energy. Nuclear energy, shale gas and CO2 storage are first. In short, you’re asked to think about security and a false sense of security, boosting and undermining democracy, power and powerlessness and about hope and scepticism.