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Patrick Savalle

Mobbr founder Patrick Savalle is a pioneer in crowdsourcing. He was responsible for the development of TeamPark, the social computing proposition of software giant Sogeti. His book Teampark - From crowd to community turned out to be visionary. Patrick also runs a fully crowdsourced news-platform ( that won the 2008 Dutch Bloggies award.

Border Sessions 2013 - Thu, 14 Nov 2013

Kickstarting the new anyplace anytime economy

Mobbr is a payment system for crowdsourcing. It allows communities that collaborate online to reward their members proportionally to their participation. As a result, Mobbr opens the way to new earning models for online communities. For example, the community can earn money for themselves and the platform by executing paid consultancy work (brainstorms, research, problem-solving, creation, etc) through online collaboration.