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Joktan Cohen

Joktan Cohen is a board member of Engineers Without Borders Holland, an organisation supporting this process by delivering process and project management and organizing Dutch involvement. At Border Sessions Cohen explains how the Kidron river basin/Wadi el Nar becomes an example of bottom up actions where politics lacks behind.

Border Sessions 2013 - Thu, 14 Nov 2013

Can people really make a difference in a cross border riverbasin in Israel and the Palestinian Authority?

Peace in the Middle East seems far away. But many locals are aiming to reach ‘ecological peace’ by working to improve their standard of living and environment. A growing group of people and institutes are trying to revive the polluted Kidron river basin/Wadi el Nar in Eastern Jerusalem, which has great potential due to its enormous heritage, location and population. This ‘bottom-up process’ is a revolution in thinking and acting in an especially complicated political surrounding. The projects have already delivered successes: an improving environment, better education and meetings between Palestinians and Israelis.