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Meg Grant

Meg Grant is a designer, technologist and maker, researching smart textiles and wearable electronics. Her work uses humour and a playful view of human nature combined with an emphasis on the aesthetics of electronics, tailoring and handcrafting techniques. Recently, her collaborative project for a photovoltaic yarn (Solar Fiber) won an innovation award and was featured at Dutch Design Week and the NeMo Museum energy innovation exhibition.

Border Sessions 2013 - Thu, 14 Nov 2013

DIY innovation in smart textiles and wearable tech 

From fitness trackers to Google Glass, wearable tech is getting a lot of hype nowadays, but it’s not only big players making progress in this field. In her talk, Meg Grant will share her favourite examples of wearable tech and smart textiles from the independent art, craft and fashion world. She’ll also talk about some of her own projects and the communities that grow as a result of combining art, fashion, craft and science.